– Nutritionally complete & balanced
– Suitable for all breed of dogs

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Product Description

With high-quality protein, Quanto Premium Adult Maintenance Diet delivers 100% complete and balanced nutrition which suitable for all breed dogs. Everything your dog needs is right in one bag.

Feeding Guidelines
Dog Size Feeding Amount*
Toy (Up to 5 Kgs) 1/2 – 1 2/3 Cups
Small (5 to 9 Kgs) 1 2/3 – 2 3/4 Cups
Medium (9 to 23 Kgs) 2 3/4 – 4 3/4 Cups
Large (23 to 41 Kgs) 4 3/4 – 8 1/3 Cups
Extra Large (Over 41 Kgs) 1 Cup To 5 Kgs Body Weight

* Amount Based On Standard 8 oz Measuring Cup


When switching your dog to Quanto from another brand, please allow 1 week or more for the transition. Feed more Quanto and less of the previous dog food each day, until you’re feeding Quanto entirely. Quanto Premium Adult Maintenance Diet can be fed dry as it is or mixed with water, milk or stew. Fresh, clean water should be available at all time.

Nutritional Information

Crude Protein – not less than 27%
Crude Fat – not less than 15%
Crude Fiber – not more than 3%
Moisture – not more than 10%


Wholegrain cereals, meat and animal by products, cereal and vegetable by products, vegetable & animal fat, essential vitamins and minerals, permitted preservatives and antioxidants.

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10KG, 20KG


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