National Dog Day

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National Dog Day 1

Happy National Dog Day to all the dog lovers out there!! #26/8/2016

Take this time to recognize and appreciate the unconditional love, laughter and loyalty that dogs bring to our daily lives. There are endless reasons why dogs are considered man’s best friend. The tail-wagging, four-legged friends are watchdogs for our safety, greet us at the door, keep the bed warm, support people who are blind, deaf or disabled, aid in search and rescue.

National Dog Day has two goals:

  • to honor dogs
  • to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse.


National Dog Day


Dogs help us out in countless ways, and this is an opportunity to celebrate for their bravery, dedication and devotion. Here are several ways to celebrate:


  1. Make A Difference

Volunteer at a shelter. Adopt a dog from your local shelter.


  1. Throw A Party!

Have a National Dog Day party and invite all your friends and their dogs.


  1. Pamper Your FurryKid

Start with a bath and grooming session. Spend some quality time by giving your dog a massage or holistic spa treatment.


  1. Go Shopping

Buy your dog a fashionable collar and leash or anything he may really needs.


  1. Outdoor Fun

Spend an afternoon enjoying the great outdoors together with a hike, long walk/jog. Head out to the yard for a game of fetch or Frisbee. Take your dog to the beach, lake or pond and let him cool off with a swim.


  1. Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Teach your dog a new skill. Be sure to keep bite-sized training treats handy to reward every good deed he does.


  1. Get A Checkup

Have a safety check of your home to make sure it’s safe for your dog and others. Now is the time to visit the vet. Keeping them happy, healthy and properly tagged will ensure they’re around for many more National Dog Days to come.


  1. Make Them Internet Famous

Have a photo shoot with your furry friend and share their adorableness online. That way, you’ll have the memories of the good times you spent together for years to come.