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Ban Leong Dinos Pet Supply is a premier Penang-based manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in the pet food and supplies industry established since 1973, located in Diamond Valley Industrial Park, Malaysia. Our company is founded by a group of people with great passion in rearing pets. Being a true manufacturer, we supply an extensive range of high quality pet products as well as making the process easier and hassle free in finding our products.One of the best things in life is being a parent to your pets. We understand it too because we’re pet parents ourselves. You all must be wondering how we came out with our brand names. In fact, the brand names are actually named after our founders’ pets in order to honor them.



At Dinos Pet Supply, we do whatever it takes to create the healthiest foods and shampoos for the pets that depend on us. Our diverse team of animal lovers and nutritionists has only one mission:

To give your pets the best.



Besides making our food taste good, our dog and cat food is made out of high-quality protein sources which makes it nutritionally complete & balanced for each stage of life to the pets. During the manufacturing process, every ingredient is handled with care in order to preserve the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We make sure that the right amount is put in to ensure that your pets receive enough nutrition. Moreover, we regularly check and review our manufacturing process to see if there is any other better solution. That’s why this makes our brand a great choice for your dog’s health and growth.

As for our range of shampoos, we incorporate only the finest blends of cleansing mixtures and ingredients to form a complete range of pH-balanced shampoos and grooming spray to meet your pets’ needs which includes cleansing and coat conditioning, removing pet odors, relief itchiness and scratching, anti-bacterial and most important of all, repelling those nasty ticks, lice and fleas from our fur kids. Our shampoo formulas contains natural essential oils that will make your pets look good and smell better while solving your pet’s most pesky skin problems.



You will be caught up in the excitement when your dog is seen wagging his tail and jumping with anticipation while waiting for our dog food/treats to be served. You will be satisfied as well seeing your pet feel refreshed after taking a bath with DINOS and Machiko Shampoo. Most important of all, our shampoo is friendly to the skin of your hand and it is easy to rinse.

We understand the important relationship between pet owners and their pets. Nothing compares to the feeling you both get when you use our products. You’ll find everything you want and need to spoil your loveable pet at a reasonable price. As the saying goes, a happy and healthy pet makes a happy owner.

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Our customers are our 1st priority. We work hand in hand with all of our brands so that our customer service team can answer any questions you might have. In order to pass on our knowledge to you, we research, attend seminars, and keep up with the latest trend. Our friendly customer service team will always be available all the time to be at your service. Besides, we keep in touch with our customers, distributors and retailers in order to find out their concerns & issues so that we can provide them with a solution or feedback. Regular communication with our suppliers is also a must to ensure that the quality of their ingredients remains consistent.

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All of our products are made with high quality human-grade ingredients and the shampoos are all pH-balanced which means it is not harmful to the animals. Never ever try a human shampoo on your pets. The pH of a cat or dog’s skin is very close to neutral. Therefore, the type of shampoos which is suitable for them is the kind of shampoo with a more neutral pH rather than the typical human shampoo.

Believe it or not, all our products are tested on humans. Yes! Humans! Before our new products are made available in the market, our staffs will personally test each product to make sure that they are perfect before they are made available to the market.

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Dinos Pet Supply was founded out of our love for pets and the community. Our mission is to create products and operate our business in a way that honors these founding principles. Our company believes in the importance of using resources efficiently and preventing environmental pollution in order to pass on a sustainable and healthy planet to the future generation. We participate in a variety of animal and community-related causes such as offering support to animal welfare societies and also contribute the environment by participating in earth hour. In the near future, we hope to contribute even more in the local and national level.

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Our pets show us unconditional love and pretty much rely on us to take care of them. That’s why we only offer the best brands of pet food, treats, shampoos and supplies to pet owners around the world so that their pets can be beautiful, clean, and healthy. After all, your pets deserve the best, nothing less!

Although there are a variety of choices at your local pet store, but we really appreciate our customers who believe in us as much as we believe in making quality pet products.